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KFC upper session is so MEAN!!

KFC upper session is so MEAN!!.

A few months ago, we decided to dine in KFC upper session road. As usual, the chicken and gravy is great. A few hours later something happened…

One of my friends suddenly realized that her bag was missing! Panic, rage and vigilance struck the rest of us in finding the bag. Unfortunately we didn’t find it around the area.

By the time we asked the establishment’s cooperation in finding the missing bag, they admitted that the only CCTV they have is in the counter. There’s no security cam installed in their mezzanine floor, no security cam installed in their doorstep and not even a single security cam on their basement. The only reason why they installed only one security cam in their counter is to assure the quality of the chicken that they are serving.

Luckily, we saw the suspect in their only security camera. Unfortunately, the establishment does not want to release it because they said that there is a protocol for such.

We understand that there is a protocol when it comes to releasing security cameras but what i don’t understand is that, why is it so hard to release the only evidence we have in finding the culprit behind the crime? will the public discover that there is something wrong with their security or will the public discover that there is something weird about their chicken? Is that the reason why they installed only one cam in their counter and not on an area that security and quality is seen? hmmm.. i’m kinda worried about what i ate that time…


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